Sunday, July 31, 2011

Seven Things Sunday featuring T Swizzle, NOCTURNAL and Everwood...

1. I am seriously close to finishing NOCTURNAL (the artist formerly known as NIGHTWINGS). This is the fifth incarnation of the story, and it feels like the right one. I've changed it a lot from the initial draft, and I think it's a good thing. Soon I'll be putting up Teaser Tuesdays, and I've also found a cover image so I'll post that as soon as it's ready. I'm both terrified and excited to start this indie publishing journey.

2. Do you remember the show Everwood? It was on from 2002-2006 and starred Treat Williams (plus a beard), Gregory Smith  and Emily Vancamp and Chris Pratt, to name a few. I watched it religiously when it was on, but missed the final season. I saw that Gregory Smith and Emily Vancamp are both in new shows this fall, and it reminded me of Everwood, so I Netflixed it. Oh. My. God. This is such a good show. Fantastic writing, fantastic acting. Just plain good. I can't believe I forgot how good. I went to buy the complete series, but the fourth season isn't out on DVD yet. Uh, hello, it ended five years ago. Let's go, WB. Wow, it was on when there still was a WB.

3. August 6th is a big day for me. An anniversary. Nope, not my wedding anniversary or anything like that. It's not my birthday. It's the day that I read my first TWILIGHT book. Yeah, that's right. I remember the date. In a freaky coincidence of events, it was the day I started a new draft of the manuscript that would become my book SNOWFLAKE, the first book I completed. I was obsessive back then, and tracked how many words I wrote each day in a journal. And I marked down that day as the first of the new draft. And then I went to the bookstore and bought TWILIGHT. And my life hasn't been the same. Say what you will about the book, the relationships, the sparkly vampires, but it changed me. It taught me that I could write whatever and however I wanted. There was no such thing as an established cannon. I could write the way I wanted to. That I shouldn't care about what other people think. Write for me. Write the story I wanted to read. And I've carried that with me ever since. So happy anniversary to me!

4. Today, July 31 is also another anniversary. Both the birthdays of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling. She's another woman who changed my life. I like to think of her, Stephenie Meyer and Jane Austen as the trifecta of awesome. Kind of like the axis of evil, only way cooler. So Happy Birthday Jo and Harry!

5. I was going to do a bunch of things this weekend, like cleaning my car and going through my piles of clothes that I don't wear, but it didn't happen. Sigh. I can't blame it on the fact that I was super busy, because I wasn't. I just couldn't get up the energy to care that my car is a mess, or I don't have enough places to put my clothes. Imaginary worlds are much more fun.

6. Someone I work with told me about this, and I had to watch it as soon as I got home. Some of the people commenting thought it was real, which I find hilarious. The best part is when she gets bleeped.

7. So I wrote this post the other day about how nearly every YA cover has a girl in a dress on it. Here it is. It was a lot of work to get all those pictures. So I'm reposting the link. Cuz I think it was a good post. And it's really pretty, too.

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