Wednesday, November 13, 2013

That time when I got some INSANE news...

So I've been remiss on posting about all of the nutso insanity that's happened in the past month. I released Sweet Surrendering, my very first full Adult Contemporary Romance into the world. The story hit me like a ton of bricks, and I didn't even have time to book my cover designer to do a cover for me, so I did one myself. Rory and Lucas' story unfolded so quickly in my mind that it was one of those books where my fingers couldn't type fast enough to follow what my mind was thinking. I was IN LOVE with their story. And then I let it loose on the world, crossed my fingers and hoped and prayed and wished that other people (even if it was just a few of them) would like it.
And then something CRAZY happened. The book started selling and climbing the charts, making it all the way to #8 in the entire Kindle store, and it's still in the top 100 right now. I was getting Twitter and Facebook messages and the response was so overwhelming, I couldn't believe it. I kept expecting it to suddenly stop selling and for that to be it, but my expectations were smashed. I made the USA Today Bestseller List, which was fabulous, and then I found out I made the New York Times list. Let me paint a little picture for you.
I was going over to my friend Meridith's house for dinner. We do this weekly, with a few of our friends. She cooks, and we eat. It's a pretty awesome situation. I'd just pulled into her driveway, and she wasn't there yet, so I was just sitting in the car. I pulled out my phone to text her and saw that I had an email. It was from my agent, informing me I'd made #16 on the ebook list and #21 on the combined ebook and paperback list. I screamed SO LOUD, I'm pretty sure Meridith's neighbors heard me. I just sat there, screaming and throwing a fit in my car, and there was NO ONE to celebrate with. And then she showed up and as soon as she got out of the car I told her, which led to a screaming hug with lots of jumping up and down. It was pretty freaking awesome.
Making the list is GREAT and very exciting, but you know what I'm MORE excited about? That others love Rory and Lucas as much as I do. THAT means the world to me.
Lots of people have been asking me about what will happen next in the series, and I WILL confirm that there is a follow-up book called Dark Surrendering, which is Sloane and Ryder's story. BUT, I will have an announcement about any other books VERY soon. So get your Post It notes ready people...

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  1. I'm reading it now - it's really good! I start skimming for sexy parts, but then I realize it's all good and I go back and slow down :)