Saturday, March 29, 2014

Win some crap (it's not crap, actually)! (also, My Sweetest Escape is on SALE!)

Do you like to win things? I know I do. But you're going to have to work to win things. Give something to get something, yes? Okay, ALL you have to do is leave a review of Deep Surrendering on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo or iTunes. You get one entry per place posted. Just come back here and comment with the LINK (just telling me "I posted on Amazon" DOES NOT COUNT) of your review. (This contest is US only. Sorry :( It would cost me too much to mail this overseas)

Okay, let's get to the prizes. Because that's why you're here, right? That good stuff. Okay, let's do a prize pack with a copy of Deep Surrendering, Sweet Surrendering, Surrendering to Us and a $25 Amazon gift card. How's that sound? Giveaway is international and will run until April 17, when the next installment will be out! Now get to it. CHOP CHOP.
Here are all the links to make it EVEN EASIER:
Barnes and Noble

Also, My Sweetest Escape is on SALE! For less than the price of a drink and a croissant at Starbucks, you can have DUSTY SHARP, the sexy, beat-boxing, doorbell-loving, kitten-owning hottie. WHAT A DEAL:
And here's a stock image of a sexy guy I found today. I want to haz him.


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  2. I won a paperback copy of Deep Surrendering but I bought it anyway >.< Can I leave a review on Goodreads also?

  3. I was about to post from your FB contest (because the supposed deadline was March 31st) but you already had winners :">
    But here you go: :>

  4. I wrote my review in spanish and english.. I have some extra points? LOL

    On Goodreads:
    On Barnes and Noble: I couldn't used my penname so it says annonymus. It the same as on the Goodreads

    and on Kobo doesn't appear my review... I don't know why u.u

  5. The only thing that I want is the Amazon gifcard so as to buy My favorite Mystake paperback >.<