Saturday, June 7, 2014

Upcoming releases!

I realized that I should probably post about my upcoming releases. Because I have them in my head, but you can't read my mind. I mean, you can't, right? STOP READING MY MIND.

Deep Surrendering, Ep. 4-June 19
UnWritten-July 10
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 5-July 17
Dark Surrendering (Sloane and Ryder's book)-August(ish)
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 6-August 21
Silence (Whisper Trilogy, Book Two)-August/September
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 7-September 18
For Now (Rules of Love, Book Two)-September/November
Surrendering to Always-September/November
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 8-October 16
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 9-November 20
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 10-December 18
Listen (Whisper Trilogy, Book Three)-December

There might be one or two more, depending on how much I can do. But I won't say what those are until I'm sure I can get them done. But this is what I'm shooting for. We'll see. I've already had to push things back. All of these dates are subject to change.