Saturday, June 7, 2014

Upcoming releases!

I realized that I should probably post about my upcoming releases. Because I have them in my head, but you can't read my mind. I mean, you can't, right? STOP READING MY MIND.

Deep Surrendering, Ep. 4-June 19
UnWritten-July 10
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 5-July 17
Dark Surrendering (Sloane and Ryder's book)-August(ish)
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 6-August 21
Silence (Whisper Trilogy, Book Two)-August/September
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 7-September 18
For Now (Rules of Love, Book Two)-September/November
Surrendering to Always-September/November
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 8-October 16
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 9-November 20
Deep Surrendering, Ep. 10-December 18
Listen (Whisper Trilogy, Book Three)-December

There might be one or two more, depending on how much I can do. But I won't say what those are until I'm sure I can get them done. But this is what I'm shooting for. We'll see. I've already had to push things back. All of these dates are subject to change.


  1. Where is Deep Surrendering Episode 5? I can't find it on amazon.