Sensitivity/Beta Reading

I've been considering doing this for ages, so I think it's time to start offering my services as a sensitivity or beta reader!

Qualifications: I'm a New York Times/USA Today/International (Italy) Bestselling author. I've been publishing (both independent and traditionally) for five years. I also have a Bachelor's degree in journalism with an English minor and worked as a copy editor in college. I've beta read for several authors before, including Magan Vernon.

Sensitivity reading: I can read for the following
Social anxiety disorder
I will go through your work and read for representation and offer solutions/critique if I find something problematic.
*my experiences are not universal, but I'll do the best I can with the above subjects, since I live with them myself. A sensitivity read is also not an endorsement of the book. The only thing I can do is give you suggestions.

Beta reading: This is not a substitute for an edit/proofreeding/copy edit. What I can offer is a read of your work with emphasis on the story structure, conflict, continuity, tense, grammar, consistency. My expertise is in the romance genre (YA, NA and Adult), but I also love fantasy (YA and NA). I am also available for books featuring/starring LGBTQIAAP+ characters (YA, NA and Adult). Science Fiction is not my forte, but if your story is light on the science, we can talk.


Sensitivity reading
Pitch/query/synopsis: $50.00
Novella (up to 25K words): $150.00
Novel (up to 60K words): $200.00
Novel (up to 100K words): $250.00
Novel (over 100K words): $300+ (we'd have to discuss this)

Beta reading
Novella (up to 25K words): $75.00
Novel (up to 60K words): $225.00
Novel (up to 100K words): $275.00
Novel (over 100K words): $325+ (we'd have to discuss this)

Timeline: I'm a pretty fast reader, but I do have my own deadlines, so please let me know if you need the project sooner or later. I can do an average book (90K words) in a week or less, depending on the amount of critique, but it is entirely dependent on each situation.

If you are interested, send an email to: with the subject header SENSITIVITY READ or BETA READ with the length of your project, your timeline and what you expect from me. I'll contact you back as soon as I can and we can get something set up.

Payment: I accept payment via PayPal and will require a 50 percent deposit to book your space with the remaining 50 percent when the project is delivered to you.

Format: I edit in Microsoft Word.

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