What I'm working on...

1/20/15: I have neglected this blog. I'm so sorry. I'll try to do better. Promise. Right now I'm finishing the 11th episode of Deep Surrendering while working on Behind Your Back. As soon as I finish those, it will be time to start Back To Back. After that, I'll be working on Fall and Rise #4, which is Trish's story and then the final book in the Surrender Saga, Surrendering to Always. Oh, and I may have some secret things that I'm playing with that I might surprise you with. Stay tuned!

5/24/14: I'm slacking again. Sorry y'all. Right now I'm hurrying to finish UnWritten so I can at least get Advance Reader Copies for the events I have coming up. I'm also working on the fourth episode of Deep Surrendering, so I can get that ready. I also have another (short) project that I will be announcing details of soon. After I finish UnWritten, I'll start work on Dark Surrendering, Sloane and Ryder's story and after that I'll FINALLY get to work on the second book in the Whisper Trilogy, Silence.

2/16/14: I've had a few questions about what I'm working on, so I thought I would do an update. Currently, I am working on Will and Audrey's book ( Fall and Rise, Book Three) and I'm just finalizing a release date for that right now. It will probably be mid-April. Why is it taking so long? Because I'm working on A LOT of things at once. One of those things is a Sekrit Project that I am revealing details of on Tuesday at 7 (EST) on Facebook. There will be a cover reveal on several blogs the next day :) I'm really excited about this new thing, and I hope you will be as well. After that, I"m working on Silence, the second book in the Whisper Trilogy as well as Dark Surrendering, which is the third book in the Surrender Saga, but the first with Sloane and Ryder. Those will both be out this summer. I will have firmer dates when I know how much time it's going to take to get these done.

12/3/13: I'm all done with releases for this year! I put out six books: Deeper We Fall, Faster We Burn, Neverend, Sweet Surrendering, Christmas Catch and For Real. Right now I'm working on Surrendering to Us, the continuation of Sweet Surrendering and it will be out on January 2, 2014. After that, it's Will and Audrey's Book, otherwise known as the third book in the Fall and Rise series as well as a sekrit project that I've been dying to work on since last year. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with that yet. After that, it's back to work on the Whisper Trilogy, so I can get that finished. But these are all just PLANS and are subject to change :) AND DON'T FORGET: My Sweetest Escape, the sequel to My Favorite Mistake will be out on January 28, 2014!

10/28/13: Sweet Surrendering is out in the world, as well as Christmas Catch (even though the official release is a few days away). Then For Real will be out on November 14. That's all I have for releases this year! I'll be making an announcement about what I have coming next, which will be released in early January. And don't forget that My Sweetest Escape is coming out on January 28! Next year is jam packed with Will and Audrey and Trish and Max's books (from the Fall and Rise series), the end of the Whisper series (Silence and Listen) and lots more from the Surrendering series, and more from the new Rules of Love series (For Real is the first book). Yeah. I'm gonna be busy.

9/9/13: Sweet Surrendering is with my beta readers, and soon I will have ARCs for bloggers. The release date has been set for October 17. I'm also working on For Real which will be out on November 14. I also have a novella, Christmas Catch that will be out in November as well. That's all my releases for this year, but 2014 is going to be AWESOME.

8/21/13: I hit publish yesterday on Neverend, so that is available on Amazon and Kobo. Still waiting on Barnes and Noble. Paperbacks will also be out in a few weeks. Up next is Sweet Surrendering. I'm writing like a madwoman to get it finished before the end of the month so I can have ARCs ready for my blog tour. After that it's For Real and Christmas Catch which will both release in November. That's the end of my releases for this year.

7/24/13: Here we go again. I suck at updates. So, here we go. I am currently working on Neverend, the final book in the Noctalis Chronicles. It will be out on August 23. After that, I will be working on three things. First, will be Sweet Surrendering, my first Adult Contemporary that will be out this fall (firmer release date to come). In addition, I will be working on For Real a New Adult that is part of a new series. It's cute and flirty and fun and I really thing you're going to like it. That will also be out this fall. Then for Christmas, I have a novella called Christmas Catch. And that is it for 2013! BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SEQUEL TO MY FAVORITE MISTAKE, you say. My Sweetest Escape has been written, and we are currently working on edits. It will be out on January 28, 2014. To give you an idea of what else I will be putting out in 2014, these are the books that I plan to release: Silence and Listen, the final books in the Whisper Trilogy, Fall and Rise, book 3 and 4, sequel to For Real, and sequel to Sweet Surrendering. *Please note that these are just PLANS and are subject to change due to disaster or zombie apocalypse or shiny new ideas*

4/3/13: Oy. I am SO SORRY GUYS. I suck so much at updating. I just get so busy and overwhelmed and this poor bloggy suffers by being one of my last priorities. It's right down below going through my inbox. Okie dokie, update: I am putting the finishing touches on Faster We Burn, the second book in the Fall and Rise Series (yes, I said SERIES), and that will be out on April 20. Phew. After that, I am working on MFM2, which has a title (that I can't share with you yet) a tentative release (also can't share) and a synopsis (yeah, can't share that either), BUT, I am hard at work on it, and I'm LOVING it so far. I hope you will too. I've decided that from now on, I'm not posting official release dates until I absolutely know I can stick to them. It sucks having to push them back, and it stresses me out, and I hate it. So I'm just going to give the month, and then a date much closer. I'm also not telling you what I'll be releasing next, because I'm still sort of deciding. I have so many ideas, not to mention series that need to be finished, and I'm overwhelmed. So until I know for sure which book is the next release, I'm going to be keeping it hush hush. So what's next? After I finish MFM2, I want to release another book this summer, in June or July, and then another in October. I think the October book will be something I've been thinking about for a while that I've been really wanting to write. It's going to be intense and emotional and I really think you're going to like it. Right now it's looking like a YA/NA crossover contemporary. Yes, there will be romance, but it will be more about the character's personal journey. I'll have more details when we get closer to that, I swear :)

11/20/12: WOW. I really suck at updating. So much has happened since I did that last one. SO MUCH. Okay, so here's the deal. I'm currently working on Deeper We Fall, another New Adult Contemporary Romance. It's not related to My Favorite Mistake; it's just in the same genre. If you want to know more about it, click on the Deeper We Fall tab. Okay, so the release date for that is January 12, 2013. After that, I'll be working on MFM2, which I don't have any information to share about right now. I'll be posting like crazy when I do know what it's going to be. I'm hoping to work on Silence, the second book in the Whisper series at the same time, and get that out in the spring. After that will be Neverend, the final Noctalis book, hopefully for a fall release. After that, I have a Young Adult contemporary that I'm dying to work on. And then there's always NaNoWriMo, and I have a couple of ideas for that. And then there's always the zombie book I want to write, and another YA paranormal romance that's been rattling around in my head for over a year. And then another book could attack me and this plan could all go to hell. It's happened before, and it will probably happen again.

7/3/12: Yeah, I suck at updating. I'm so sorry guys. If you really, REALLY want to know what I'm up to, follow me on Twitter, or like me on Facebook. I try to update there at least once a day. Here's how things break down: Whisper is out in the world and had a great first week. I've gotten some lovely reviews and positive feedback. Next up is Numb, the third book in the Noctalis Chronicles. I was putting off starting it because I had an author freak out. I got it into my head that I wouldn't have anything to write about, that I wouldn't have a story to tell. My words would dry up and that would be the end of it. Silly, right? Then one day I was driving home from work and I had an epiphany about a new character. All I'll say now is that her name is Brooke, and she's going to shake things up in a big way. BIG. The release date for Numb is August 31. I wish I could have it sooner, but I want to take my time with this one. It also will go through my beta reader, Laura, for typos and continuity and then to my editor Dani. I'll have a cover reveal soon, and I'd like to do another mass reveal like I did with Whisper. I'll also probably have some bookmarks and other swag for that as well. My second project is My Favorite Mistake, which is a New Adult Contemporary Romance, which releases September 29. No vampire angels, no ghosts. Just two broken characters coming together to make each other whole. I'm absolutely and completely in love with it. I think you're really going to like it. I'll be posting teasers for that as well and doing a cover reveal. Also in August is my massive blog tour. It's going to be the shiz, guys. For real. So that's what's up with me.

6/1/12: Wow, it's been almost a month since I updated. Whisper is currently with the editor, so I'm taking a mini writing break. I've been so busy with other things to do with the release that it hasn't really felt like one :) After Whisper comes out on June 16, I'm going to dive into working on Numb. I've actually decided to do a re-edit of Nocturnal and Nightmare, based on some comments from reviewers, so I'll be working on that as well. I have vacation from my job starting on June 18 for a whole week, and I have an idea for a novella I've been itching to write. It's completely different from everything else I've done. I've been totally into paranormal, and I'm getting a little burned out. I need to do something else, even if it's just for a week. I don't have a solid release date for Numb, but I'm shooting for sometime in August. I'd also like to get Silence, the second in the Whisper Trilogy out around then. That would give me the rest of the year to get out the last two books I want to get out. I set the goal for 7 books and I'm going to do it, come hell or zombie apocalypse.

5/4/12: Still going on Whisper. It's turned out to be a very different story than what I started with, which is both good and bad. The story is better, which is good, but it's going to take a lot more work, which is bad. I've set a release date of June 6, which I think is reasonable. It might be out before then if I can get my act together. After that it's back to Ava and Peter and their adventures in Numb. I'm shooting for a July/August release for that. I'm also thinking my June project will be getting all my books available in paperback. I want to hold them. I also want to be able to SIGN them so I can send them to you!

4/21/12: I'm plugging along with edits for Whisper. It's going a little rough. After hanging out with Ava for so long, Annabelle's voice is such a switch I'm a little off balance. Annabelle's much sweeter and less sarcastic than Ava. She's a softer character in general, and I'm finding that harder to write than Ava's sarcasm. Still, I'm fairy happy with how things are going so far. It's a less-dark book, that's for sure. It's also a little bit cleaner, so it can be read by a wider audience. I'm really hoping to have this ready for the end of May, but we'll see. I'm also in the very early stages of a zombie book. I'm not going to give very many details, because I haven't really even started it yet, but it's going to be really awesome. Completely different from anything else I've written. Lots of action, a bigger cast. It's also set in the future, which is new for me. It's going to take a lot more planning and world-building. I may *gasp* have to do an outline for this one. I'll keep you updated, but this new book won't be ready until next year. I can say that at least.

4/8/12: I'm on the last stages of editing for Nightmare. I'm hoping to have everything ready to format on Thursday night so I can upload on Friday to be sure it's out on Saturday. Phew! After that? I need to take a break from Peter and Ava. Not a long one, but I need to recharge and prepare to tell their next story. So I'm going back to the series I wrote last year around this time. It's a non-ghosty ghost story that I'm really happy with and had a great time writing. It features Annabelle and Jack and I hope to have the first installment, Whisper out in May. It's a three book series, but I think I'm also going to do a piece from Jack's POV. We'll see. So right now, my publishing schedule looks like this: April 14-Nightmare, May 31-(tentative) Whisper, July-Numb (3rd book in Noctalis Chronicles). After that, I'm not sure. I'd like to alternate the two series, but we'll see how it goes. I will release seven books this year, unless something crazy like the zombie apocalypse happens. You never know...

3/11/12: Wow, it's been exactly a month since I released Nocturnal. Feels like no time, and like forever all at once. I'm hard at work on the sequel, Nightmare and I'm hoping and praying and  begging the Book Gods for a March 31st release. I will have more updates as that day gets closer, but I really want to get the book out this month. After that? I'm thinking of trying to work on drafting Numb (Book 3) and working on edits for Whisper, the first in my new series. I'd love to get Whisper out by the end of April, but that might be a crazy idea that will just make me an insane author-person. Numb won't be out until the end of May at the earliest. I'll post another update soon :)

2/12/12: Nocturnal is available for purchase at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. Next up is Nightmare, the sequel. I had a bit of a change in plans with the series. I've reevaluated and decided that I can't accomplish everything I want with the series in three books. So there will be a fourth. The series goes Nocturnal, Nightmare, Numb and Neverend. I almost have a good working draft for Nightmare, after which I may or may not take a break. I will definitely start work on Whisper soon. I'm hoping to be able to do both at once. We'll see...

1/11/12: I'm nearly done with polishing Nocturnal, and I've started the rounds of edits for the sequel, Nightmare. I think I'm going to take a break from Ava and Peter for a while before I write the final book in the series. I have two stories that are nagging at me to be written. So I'm going to pound those out while I'm editing Whisper, my dead people book.


  1. Please please please publish Neverend!

  2. I'm very anxious to hear when the second book in the whisper trilogy will come out. Please say soon!